Nutrisens Medical overview

Let's talk about Dysphagia

dysphagia-swallowing-pictureSwallowing is a sensory-motor activity (mobilising 6 cranial nerves and 35 muscles). It consists of 3 phases:

The oral phase:

The pharyngeal phase:

The oesophageal phase:


Dysphagia or difficulty in swallowing is a defect in airway protection when the food bolus travels towards the oesophagus. (Resulting in food going down the wrong way whilst eating, or a disorder affecting the transit of the food bolus towards the oesophagus, leaving residues in the pharynx which may go down the wrong way later.)


Fotolia_52022605_MPrevalence amongst the elderly:

Age itself does not increase the risk of dysphagia but the frequency of pathologies altering swallowing does.


The consequences are even more serious for the elderly: